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Winter Team News – Spring has sprung!

The team at Vizion Wealth would like to wish everyone a Happy New Tax Year! I’m sure you can imagine; we have had a very busy couple of months and are glad to be seeing a little bit of sunshine, the lighter evenings and the cherry blossoms starting to open.

/ 6th April 2023

Winter Team News – Spring is round the corner!

The Vizion Wealth team have had a busy start to the year with lots to keep us busy in the office, some exams passes and also some exciting trips!

/ 6th February 2023

November Team News – Winter Draws Near

Firstly, we would like to welcome our new team member, Tara Wright, who has joined as a Senior Administrator and Back Office Manager. Tara’s employment background has always been within Independent Financial Advice and she is very passionate about providing excellent client service. In her spare time, Tara enjoys going to the gym, taking her cockapoo Lola on long walks with her husband and she is also a sports fan – particularly the F1!

/ 17th November 2022

Summer Team News – Summer is here!

The staff at Vizion Wealth have been enjoying the summer sun and making the most of the lighter evenings. There has been wedding celebrations, birthdays, exam passes and trips away!

/ 19th August 2022

Summer Team News – Summer is here!

Summer time is most certainly here with some great weather in July! The Vizion Wealth team have been enjoying the summer months with lots of fun activities (and working / studying hard of course!)

/ 11th July 2022

Spring Team News

With Spring in full swing, we want to wish you all a happy new tax year! The team at Vizion have been very busy over the last few months and we are excited to share our staff news with you.

/ 6th May 2022

Christmas Team News

As we reach the final month of 2021, we are all very grateful to have kept safe and well during this turbulent year and hope that all of our clients are able to relax and enjoy these next few weeks leading up to Christmas. We also have some exciting and bittersweet news to share with you all.

/ 13th December 2021

Autumn Team News

Hello autumn! What a beautiful start to September we had and alas, the rain and wind starts to become more frequent and soon enough, we’ll all be scraping the frost off our cars in the mornings (as long as we have some fuel that is!)

/ 5th October 2021

August Team News

The summer is in full swing with beautiful rays of sunshine (as well as unexpected streaks of heavy rain?!). The team at Vizion Wealth are making the most of our summer days and have had a fun-filled few months, as well as working hard in the office of course! The partners decided to treat the team to day out at Edgbaston Cricket Ground watching the England vs. Pakistan match – we were extremely lucky with the weather and England’s performance was spectacular...

/ 6th August 2021

May Team News

With the success of the vaccination programme, shops and restaurants have begun to re-open and outdoor activities are in full swing; life is looking a little brighter. Over the last couple of months, the team has celebrated a big birthday, a new member of staff and the end of the 2020/21 tax year! It has been nice making a slow return to the office with a Covid-friendly staff rota, and regular lateral-flow testing.

/ 21st May 2021

February Team News: Our Spotify Playlist

It feels a little late to say it, and doesn’t seem like much has changed in the world – but nonetheless, Happy New Year to all of our clients from everyone at Vizion Wealth! There is more positivity going forward now with our brilliant vaccine roll-out, so props to the NHS for making this happen! The end is nigh.

/ 19th February 2021

December Team News

The infamous year of 2020 is finally coming to an end – what a tough one it has been. I’m sure each and every one of us are tired of the words ‘pandemic,’ ‘covid,’ and ‘lockdown’, so let us try to make the last few weeks of 2020 as positive as possible, with hope for a better year in 2021.

/ 20th December 2020

November Team News

As we find ourselves in another national Lockdown, we are collectively trying to remain as positive as possible that things can get back to a new-normal in 2021; although, having adjusted to working from home life for many of us, it brings its own benefits that we can continue to enjoy in the meantime.

/ 12th November 2020

September Team News

As more COVID guidelines come into place, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to organise group activities, make plans with family and friends, and enjoy any type of social events. Our Vizion Wealth team building outing of clay pigeon shooting has unfortunately been postponed due to the rule of six prohibiting all the staff from getting together.

/ 5th October 2020

August Team News

As we try to get back to a level of normality, the staff at Vizion Wealth have been trying to make the most of the post-lock down summer, whilst also adhering to the government safety guidelines in and out of the working environment.

/ 12th August 2020

April Team News

Firstly, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Tax Year! Although it may not be the start of the new year that we were all expecting to have, the staff at Vizion Wealth have smoothly adjusted to virtual working and have been keeping as busy as ever with closing off 2019/20 and preparing for the new tax year.

/ 22nd April 2020

January Team News

Alas, January is over and we enter the shortest month of the year. So far in February we’ve had Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis… god knows who else is coming for us! Let’s hope the depletion of our ozone layer enters a period of recovery and our wonderful politicians of the world aid us in combatting the issue of global warming. I hope you have all managed to safe during the turbulent weather conditions.

/ 18th February 2020

December Team News

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break with your family and friends. The Vizion Wealth staff have enjoyed our time off and are now back to work and ready for a good year!

/ 17th January 2020

November Team News

Hello everyone! My last staff blog of 2019… where has the year gone?! There has been three exam passes within the Vizion Wealth team! James passed AF1 (Personal Tax and Trust Planning) and is now another step closer to his chartered adviser status. James and I also passed J10 (Discretionary Investment Management) which gave us a high level of understanding of the discretionary fund management service...

/ 11th December 2019

October Team News

Mid-November means it’s acceptable to play Christmas songs, right?! Whether you love it or hate it, it’s unavoidable, so we might as well just accept it and get involved!

/ 14th November 2019