September Team News

As more COVID guidelines come into place, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to organise group activities, make plans with family and friends, and enjoy any type of social events. Our Vizion Wealth team building outing of clay pigeon shooting has unfortunately been postponed due to the rule of six prohibiting all the staff from getting together. However, one benefit of these restrictions meant that James and I were able to commit to evenings of exam revision in our spare time.

Towards the end of August, we both received confirmation that we had passed our exams which we are absolutely thrilled about! James took the AF5: Advanced Financial Planning Process exam which now makes him just one small exam away from achieving the coveted chartered status. We expect James to become one of the few chartered financial planners in the country for his age which bodes well for the future of both Vizion Wealth and the financial planning sector in the UK. I took the final R0 exam, R06: Financial Planning Practice exam, which means I have now obtained the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning. But out of the frying-pan and into the fire, as we have both booked the ER1 – Equity Release exam for late October – wish us luck!

This brings me onto some good news within the team. We have a new member of staff, Rob Siddall, joining us at the end of September. Rob has years of experience working as a Protection adviser and is now qualified and will start offering Equity Release advice to clients in the near future. Rob will initially be providing direct paraplanning support to James as he continues to work towards a holistic financial planning advisory role to cover a broader range of advice areas. As Vizion Wealth continues to grow and our client-base expands, we plan to introduce new areas of advice and expertise in the future to new and existing clients. Rob’s background and experience will be invaluable in expanding our equity release and protection services to clients.

In Rob’s spare time, he’s an avid Sheffield United fan and spends his weekends coaching his son’s local football team or fishing with his children. We are very much looking forward to having Rob on board and want to wish him a warm welcome to Vizion Wealth.

Have a lovely month everyone, and stay safe.

Who are Vizion Wealth?

Our approach to financial planning is simple, our clients are our number one priority and we ensure all our advice, strategies and services are tailored to the specific individual to best meet their longer term financial goals and aspirations. We understand that everyone is unique. We understand that wealth means different things to different people and each client will require a different strategy to build wealth, use and enjoy it during their lifetimes and to protect it for family and loved ones in the future.

All of us at Vizion Wealth are committed to our client’s financial success and would like to have an opportunity to review your individual wealth goals. To find out more, get in touch with us – we very much look forward to hearing from you.



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Posted by Jess Dave

Jess Dave | Wealth Management Paraplanner at Vizion Wealth LLP

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