February Team News: Our Spotify Playlist

It feels a little late to say it, and doesn’t seem like much has changed in the world – but nonetheless, Happy New Year to all of our clients from everyone at Vizion Wealth! There is more positivity going forward now with our brilliant vaccine roll-out, so we say a huge thank you to the NHS for making this happen! The end is nigh.

Although we’ve been in lockdown since the start of the year, we have all been trying to make the most of our time at home and work, and enjoy what life has to offer at the moment. Corinne has moved into her beautiful new home with views of the countryside and a stylish interior (this is due to her great taste in design of course!).

Andrew and the family managed to survive the great December floods (on top of everything else going on!) but this difficult time showed the strength of the Stony Stratford community as help is always available to all of those who need it, and everyone was fortunate enough to be in a warm (and dry) home by Christmas Day.

Rob has also been having fun down by the local lake going fishing with his son, Harrison. You can tell by the size of the fish (and the size of Rob’s grin!) that he had a successful trip. Apparently, the kids have had a wild time in the snow in more recent weeks, which had given us an ethereal change of scenery for a magical few days.

Thanks to our lovely colleague Terry, we have compiled a Vizion Wealth Spotify Playlist. It may not be to everyone’s taste; however, I can say there is lots of variety and a range of emotions so I would highly recommend 😊 we have noted each member of staff’s song choice(es) and the reasons why they have chosen these tracks, and we’ve added some highlights below – we hope you enjoy!



Song: Routes

By: Lewis Bootle

I am inspired by young artists who are so talented but haven’t yet found that opening to follow their dreams as a professional artist.  Lewis is my friend’s son, and I am extremely proud of the young man he has become.

Song: What you won’t do for love

By: Bobby Caldwell

I am a sucker for a love song and with Valentine’s Day just gone I would like to share with you one of my husband’s favourites.


Song: Save your Tears

By: The Weekend

I am a huge Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark fan (who nearly called themselves Hitler’s Underpants!), Depeche Mode and Erasure (Vince Clarke) so I love and am a sucker for the contrast of an upbeat fun, electronic keyboard riff that sits alongside profound lyrics.  For me, the song is being about remaining strong, big at the moment, also, it is fresh into my playlist and listening to new music is so good for the mind!  But that upbeat riff is just great….


Song: Spain

By: Chick Corea.

Spain is one of the first charts that got me into Jazz and I’ve played it all the way through from secondary school to the end of university, so some great memories attached to it. Chick died recently so have listened to it more reminiscing on times gone by!


Song: Street Tuff

By: Rebel MC

The reason why I’m listening to it at the moment: I’ve gone old school! Introduced this to my children on our NYE home karaoke party. Reminds me of fab years past and am now listening to it as my 7-year-old son has it on repeat on his Echo dot!!

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All of us at Vizion Wealth are committed to our client’s financial success and would like to have an opportunity to review your individual wealth goals. To find out more, get in touch with us – we very much look forward to hearing from you.



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