Month: June 2023

Taking a personalised approach

No matter what stage of life you’re in, it’s never too early or late to start planning for your retirement. By taking a personalised approach, you can develop a retirement plan that will work for you throughout your life.

/ 29th June 2023

Market Update: Markets catching up to reality

Following three weeks of ‘not a lot of news’ being good news for stock markets, bad news dented investor sentiment last week. This has coincided with some reversal of global liquidity as the US government is once again stepping up fundraising to replenish its coffers and Pan-European business sentiment surveys ticked down. No surprise then, that risk assets experienced a mild sell-off that reversed some of June’s gains. Hardest hit were China, Europe and the UK, but for inherently different reasons.

/ 26th June 2023

Market Update: Market conundrum amid volatile growth

Last week saw equity markets move higher yet, despite central bank hawkishness. We had another 0.25% rate rise from the European Central Bank (ECB) and, although the US Federal Open markets Committee (FOMC) left rates unchanged, they gave us strong hints of at least another 0.25% hike in July. They also indicated their expectation for rates to stay higher for longer than many think.

/ 20th June 2023

I have a will so why do I need a lasting power of attorney?

It is critical to consider the potential consequences of not having a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in place. Many people assume that their loved ones or close relatives will automatically have the authority to make decisions on their behalf. However, this is not the case, and without a LPA, those close to you will not have the legal authority to handle your financial affairs, health decisions and welfare.

/ 15th June 2023

DPMS Portfolio Commentary June 2023

After a frustrating Q1 2023, with a sustained market recovery derailed by banking failures, Q2 2023 has been a generally more positive quarter. This comes despite continued nervousness in the market related to the US debt ceiling being called into question (and swiftly resolved), sticky inflation in the UK, US & Europe and possible further interest rate hikes  and China’s sluggish economic recovery.

/ 12th June 2023

Market Update: Immaculate disinflation sentiment cheers investors

Another positive week in global stock markets, which seems unremarkable given it has been fairly good since the beginning of May. However, looking more closely – as we do – two market dynamics tell us more market participants are warming up to the narrative that bringing inflation under control while still achieving a soft landing for the global economy may be what 2023 brings. First, stock market gains over the past few weeks have been spreading to the mid and small cap market segments, rather than coming from just a handful of mega-cap stocks. Second, falling inflation expectations mean recent...

/ 12th June 2023

Market Update: Markets take good news in their stride

In previous weeks, we've noted how the absence of specifically good news meant markets reacted more negatively than expected to the relatively low probability of a US debt default. We pointed out that the more notable event of the weeks have been bond yields once again surging.

/ 6th June 2023

Passing on assets Tax-efficiently

Are you concerned about the impact of Inheritance Tax (IHT) on your estate? It’s natural to want to leave behind a legacy for your loved ones, but without the right plan in place, a significant portion of your wealth could be subject to Inheritance Tax. With IHT affecting more and more families, it’s crucial to be proactive and plan accordingly. In most cases, it’s better to begin Inheritance Tax planning as early as possible in order to ensure that your estate is adequately protected. Investing in other options like trusts or leaving money to a registered charity may also provide...

/ 2nd June 2023