Month: May 2024

Market Update: Nvidia versus the Fed

Following the strong upwards surge in stocks and bonds at the beginning of May, capital markets have recently moderated and were mostly flat, to slightly down, overall last week. Britons were preoccupied with Rishi Sunak’s surprise election call – polling now less than six weeks away – but capital markets clearly had bigger things to worry about.

/ 28th May 2024

New Pension Tax Framework

The implications of these changes will largely depend on individual circumstances, such as the aggregate value of one's pension savings, any prior withdrawals from pension schemes and existing lifetime allowance protections.

/ 23rd May 2024

Market Update: Pluses and Minuses

It was a decent week for investors, with global stocks up around 1% from last Friday. British and European equities finished virtually flat, with the US and China slightly up. The gain for US stocks was not outsized, but it was enough to take the S&P 500 to a fresh all-time high on Wednesday. Breaking that record made a fairly average week for markets look like a great one.

/ 20th May 2024

Market Update: A blooming May for the UK

Global equity markets are rising and the UK is now doing well, the Bank of England is dovish and Sterling is holding up - is political change less worrisome here than elsewhere?

/ 13th May 2024

DPMS Portfolio Commentary May 2024

Despite a somewhat rocky start to the year, Q1 2024 proved to be very strong across equity markets due to improving profit growth expectations, falling inflation, optimism around interest rate cut timing and excitement around Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Technology sector. Whilst some elements of inflation proved to be stickier than first thought, markets have shrugged this information off and continue to look to the future with a period of rate cuts from Central Banks albeit at a later staged than initially thought.

/ 8th May 2024

Market Update: Still sticking to the plan

Central bankers give confident message that inflation targets will be met.

/ 7th May 2024