Month: August 2023

Market Update: Transcontinental growth divergence

We don’t seem to be able to get away from writing about how bond yields have been driving equity markets due to their influence on underlying valuation dynamics. We wrote about it previously, on many occasions over the past two years, and we have to say that last week is no different.

/ 29th August 2023

Market Update: Tech stocks back under bond pressure

August has undone much of what July brought to equity investors, yet the latest correction looks more technical than fundamental.

/ 21st August 2023

Maximising your investments in your 50’s

As you approach your 50s, securing a comfortable retirement becomes more urgent, making it essential to strategically optimise your investments for a retirement that aligns with your envisioned lifestyle and aspirations.

/ 15th August 2023

How to navigate ESG investing

ESG investing targets companies valuing environmental, social, and governance factors, fostering responsible practices for a sustainable future, and offering potential financial gains through high ESG scores.

/ 15th August 2023

Market Update: Disinflation legs and lags

A week with both lower US inflation and the return of GDP growth in the UK, yet markets traded like a yoyo rather than up. We take a deeper look.

/ 14th August 2023

Market Update: Expect the unexpected

Compared with July’s buoyancy, the first week of August has demonstrated markets’ continued fragile balance between optimism and the fundamentals of valuations.

/ 7th August 2023

10 reasons to get your tax return filed now

Filing your tax return early offers many benefits, from avoiding penalties and reducing stress to maximising eligible deductions and protecting against identity theft.

/ 2nd August 2023