Month: June 2024

Market Update: Stock market highs don’t feel so high

A record breaking week for equities headlined a very mixed bag of economic and political developments, but there is definite fuel for optimism.

/ 24th June 2024

DPMS Portfolio Commentary June 2024

With an improving macro-economic backdrop, May 2024 has provided some strong returns across developed markets as investors look forward to a rate cutting cycle, GDP growth figures start to accelerate and optimism around the Technology sector continues. After some difficulties in Q1, the UK equity market has catapulted forwards as a top performer quarter-to-date to the end of May, following better-than-expected GDP growth figures, which brought the UK out of recession.

/ 20th June 2024

Market Update: Still mostly sticking to the plan

In a week where politics seemed to drive markets, it was central banks and ever-changing economic growth expectations that made the real difference. 

/ 18th June 2024

Establishing a Power of Attorney within your estate plan

The significance of an estate plan transcends the mere distribution of your assets after your demise. Integrating a Power of Attorney (POA) ensures that a trusted individual is empowered to make decisions reflecting your best interests when you're not in a position to do so.

/ 18th June 2024

June Team News 2024

Welcome to June's Team News. Now we are approaching Summer, we're all hoping to experience some sunshine at long last! So, what is new with our Vizion Team?

/ 12th June 2024

Market Update: ECB’s Lagard makes rate cut history

Europe’s first rate cut was anticipated by markets as much as last year’s pivot from further rate rises. Will it stimulate capital markets to the same degree?

/ 10th June 2024

Enhancing Pension Contributions For A Brighter Future

Contributing additional amounts to your pension stands to benefit you significantly in the long term. We explore in our blog different ways you can enhance your pension savings for a brighter future.

/ 5th June 2024

Market Update: Consolidation

No month end fireworks for May, just dull but solidifying consolidation by increasingly discerning investors focused on the data, not politics (yet).

/ 4th June 2024