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Andrew is the managing partner of Vizion Wealth and has been involved in the offshore and onshore financial services industry for over 25 years. Andrew was the driving force behind Vizion Wealth after years of experience in a number of advisory roles within high profile wealth management, private banking and independent financial advisory firms in the UK.

Market Update: Lower inflation, less profits?

Last week was an interesting week in capital markets. Global stocks are a nudge above where they were last Friday in aggregate, but this hides a great deal of variation. There was a steady climb early in the week, led once again by large US mega-caps, but this completely flipped into the latter days. Smaller stocks suddenly dramatically outperformed, while the so-called ‘Magnificent Seven’ (Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, Tesla) sold off sharply.

/ 15th July 2024

Market Update: New government, same economy

Keir Starmer was not wrong when he called this an historic victory. It is the Labour party’s first election win since 2005, ending 14 years of Conservative rule and handing the latter party its worst ever defeat. The results were emphatic, but full of contradictions. Labour won one of the largest parliamentary majorities in history with the lowest ever winning vote share. Britain’s right-wing party collapsed, but the Reform party outflanking it, surged. The new government crushed the old by emphasising the need for change, but its policy agenda emphasises stability and continuity. And the contradiction most relevant to us...

/ 8th July 2024

Tean’s Client Success Story Published in Financial Times Adviser

Our Chartered and Independent Financial Adviser, Tean Hatt was interviewed by the Financial Times Adviser’s senior reporter Alina Khan earlier this month about a recent client case that has highlighted a wider issue for older women and the state pension. The resulting story was front page news in this national newspaper aimed at the financial services industry. This news outlet is renowned for its focus on financial advice and engaging thought leadership pieces that profoundly impact both advisers and clients across the UK. 

/ 4th July 2024

Market Update: The business of politics, politics without policy

This Friday marks the end of the second quarter and the day after the first, and for Biden disastrous, televised debate of the 2024 US Presidential election - yet markets have been reasonably calm. Large institutional investors are in the midst of their calendar driven portfolio rebalances without causing big price moves between asset classes, but there is still time before US markets close for significant intraday moves like the ones we saw on 31st May.

/ 1st July 2024

Market Update: Stock market highs don’t feel so high

A record breaking week for equities headlined a very mixed bag of economic and political developments, but there is definite fuel for optimism.

/ 24th June 2024

DPMS Portfolio Commentary June 2024

With an improving macro-economic backdrop, May 2024 has provided some strong returns across developed markets as investors look forward to a rate cutting cycle, GDP growth figures start to accelerate and optimism around the Technology sector continues. After some difficulties in Q1, the UK equity market has catapulted forwards as a top performer quarter-to-date to the end of May, following better-than-expected GDP growth figures, which brought the UK out of recession.

/ 20th June 2024

Market Update: Still mostly sticking to the plan

In a week where politics seemed to drive markets, it was central banks and ever-changing economic growth expectations that made the real difference. 

/ 18th June 2024

June Team News 2024

Welcome to June's Team News. Now we are approaching Summer, we're all hoping to experience some sunshine at long last! So, what is new with our Vizion Team?

/ 12th June 2024

Market Update: ECB’s Lagard makes rate cut history

Europe’s first rate cut was anticipated by markets as much as last year’s pivot from further rate rises. Will it stimulate capital markets to the same degree?

/ 10th June 2024

Market Update: Consolidation

No month end fireworks for May, just dull but solidifying consolidation by increasingly discerning investors focused on the data, not politics (yet).

/ 4th June 2024

Market Update: Nvidia versus the Fed

Following the strong upwards surge in stocks and bonds at the beginning of May, capital markets have recently moderated and were mostly flat, to slightly down, overall last week. Britons were preoccupied with Rishi Sunak’s surprise election call – polling now less than six weeks away – but capital markets clearly had bigger things to worry about.

/ 28th May 2024

Market Update: Pluses and Minuses

It was a decent week for investors, with global stocks up around 1% from last Friday. British and European equities finished virtually flat, with the US and China slightly up. The gain for US stocks was not outsized, but it was enough to take the S&P 500 to a fresh all-time high on Wednesday. Breaking that record made a fairly average week for markets look like a great one.

/ 20th May 2024

Market Update: A blooming May for the UK

Global equity markets are rising and the UK is now doing well, the Bank of England is dovish and Sterling is holding up - is political change less worrisome here than elsewhere?

/ 13th May 2024

DPMS Portfolio Commentary May 2024

Despite a somewhat rocky start to the year, Q1 2024 proved to be very strong across equity markets due to improving profit growth expectations, falling inflation, optimism around interest rate cut timing and excitement around Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Technology sector. Whilst some elements of inflation proved to be stickier than first thought, markets have shrugged this information off and continue to look to the future with a period of rate cuts from Central Banks albeit at a later staged than initially thought.

/ 8th May 2024

Market Update: Still sticking to the plan

Central bankers give confident message that inflation targets will be met.

/ 7th May 2024

Market Update: Inflation, a common side effect of growth  

The rose tinted market outlook of the first quarter expected a rebound of inflation, and it’s now showing in the latest data.

/ 29th April 2024

What Will Your Legacy Look Like?

Effective IHT planning is a careful balancing act. It’s about ensuring you can live comfortably and meet your care needs while also considering how to pass on your wealth in the most tax-efficient way. Navigating these complexities can be challenging, but it’s entirely manageable with open communication and careful planning.

/ 24th April 2024

Market Update: Market quiet on the Middle Eastern front

Capital markets have corrected at the same time as the conflict in the Middle East intensified, yet the asset price dynamics tell a different story.

/ 22nd April 2024

Market Update: What the return of volatility tells us

Positive market sentiment is put to the test as US rate cuts seemingly disappear over the horizon and Europe, with less resilient markets, looks very likely to see the first cut in June.

/ 15th April 2024

The Top 10 Fundamentals for Successful Investing

Investing serves as a mechanism for amplifying your wealth. It can assist you in expediting the repayment of your mortgage, augmenting your retirement savings or safeguarding your child’s financial future. However, before you invest your money, be ready for a long-term engagement. Read our full guide on our top 10 fundamentals for successful investing.

/ 9th April 2024