November Team News

Hello everyone! My last staff blog of 2019… where has the year gone?!

There has been three exam passes within the Vizion Wealth team! James passed AF1 (Personal Tax and Trust Planning) and is now another step closer to his chartered adviser status. James and I also passed J10 (Discretionary Investment Management) which gave us a high level of understanding of the discretionary fund management service. The roll out of our own DFM service is imminent in the new year so watch this space.

Mel has returned from her trip golden and glowing. As you can imagine, she said the Maldives was a tropical paradise. The coral islands with the silky white sandbanks was a sight you would see on a postcard. Mel and Karl enjoyed cocktails in the sun and a fine array of Maldivian cuisine. A wonderful way to end their year!

James was treated by Georgie to a fine dining experience in London at a restaurant called Arros QD, and ordered what looks like a world record for the largest plate of paella! They also tried a strange orange wine which apparently tasted like an over-fermented Spanish cider – an acquired taste.

We have our Christmas party on Friday, and are all very much looking forward to letting our hair down after an extremely busy year. So, if you are passing through Milton Keynes and fancy dropping into Pinks on Friday night, you know where we’ll be! Hopefully we can all keep up with party animal Faith this year, although, Jon has his son Charlie’s 5th birthday party at 9:00am on the Saturday morning after. Good luck Jon.

Faith is off to Benalmadena with her friends for Christmas, and I’m travelling to the middle east with Terrence to complete a trek around Jordan.

The team at Vizion wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Love Jess x

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All of us at Vizion Wealth are committed to our client’s financial success and would like to have an opportunity to review your individual wealth goals. To find out more, get in touch with us – we very much look forward to hearing from you.



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