Autumn Team News: Wet, Wild & Wedded

Hello autumn! What a beautiful start to September we had and alas, the rain and wind starts to become more frequent and soon enough, we’ll all be scraping the frost off our cars in the mornings (as long as we have some fuel that is!)

The Vizion Wealth partners took the staff for a day out to Thorpe Park a couple of weeks ago – and what a brilliant day it was. The combination of non-stop torrential rain and water rides meant that we were not looking our best – but the smiles all round make it worth sharing the bad photos! A day out at a theme park is incomplete without the big breakfast, the hot chocolates and the brownies to top it all off, what a treat. Thank you Andrew & James!

Faith finally got to take her long-awaited holiday to Majorca with her friends. After endless re-organised flights and uncertainty, she arrived in Majorca and was able to enjoy mulling in the Mediterranean sun, having a splash in the pool and taking evening walks on the beach. A lovely way to end her summer.

Since events have been able to go ahead again, James and Georgie have been attending a number of overdue weddings and have been taking notes in preparation for their big day next year. We are all already practising our moves for the dance floor!

Corinne was able to take a trip down memory lane in mainland Spain, where she used to live. Corinne reunited with her local friends, where they ate, drank, laughed and danced… and then did it all again the next day! A well-deserved holiday, after another long wait.

Sam celebrated his birthday towards the end of August, and the Vizion Wealth team gifted Sam a voucher towards Forbidden Planet, as we know Sam is a fan of playing complex boardgames with his friends. As you may know, Sam has been working hard on the garden over the last few months – 2 of 3 fences were replaced last week and the turf has been delivered which means the end is in sight!

Have a lovely Halloween, bonfire night and any other freedom celebrations! I look forward to giving you all more team updates during the Winter 😊

From Jess x

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