Market Update: At least currency markets notice the budget

Currencies proved to be the one mildly exciting market dynamic in a week otherwise shining more with what did not happen, rather than with what did.

/ 11th March 2024

ISAs: End of Tax Year Reminder

This time of year presents an opportune moment to examine both your personal and business finances to ensure they are structured to optimise your tax efficiency. Despite the ongoing freeze on many tax rates and thresholds, numerous strategies remain for organising your financial matters tax-efficiently. We've outlined some of the key areas in which you are able to make the most of tax-saving measures before the deadline arrives:

/ 8th March 2024

Spring budget 2024

Jeremy Hunt delivered his fourth statement as Chancellor of the Exchequer with a Budget focused on long-term growth and improving domestic prospects. The biggest issues that he looked at addressing included productivity, taxation and domestic market support.

/ 7th March 2024

Our Guide to Individual Savings Accounts

Investing in an Individual Savings Account (ISA) is a tax-efficient, flexible method for future planning. One of the most attractive features of an ISA is its tax benefits – it’s immune to both Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax on any growth within the fund or on income you withdraw. This makes contributing to an ISA an intelligent decision for those looking to grow their wealth while minimising tax liabilities.

/ 6th March 2024

Market Update: Winners and losers of stabilising yields

The ECB meets this week, and the BoE in two weeks’ time. Interest rate and yield volatility has calmed amid signs that some can now bear the cost of new debt. Is this a sign that we’ve reached an equilibrium?

/ 4th March 2024

Vizion Wealth named one of the UK’s Top Rated Firms 2024

We're thrilled to announce that Vizion Wealth has been named one of the UK’s Top Rated Firms 2024 by VouchedFor. This recognition highlights our dedication to providing our clients with the highest quality financial advice and support.

/ 29th February 2024

Our Guide to Year-End Tax Planning

As we approach the end of the tax year on 5 April 2024, it presents an ideal opportunity to assess and leverage the various allowances and reliefs available to enhance your tax profile. Allocating time for this review can provide valuable insight into potential opportunities for you and your family.

/ 26th February 2024

Market Update: M&A activity sets growth against value

Consumer confidence is yet to catch up with business sentiment which is now driving a flurry of value seeking mergers and acquisitions.

/ 26th February 2024

Market Update: UK not growing really, not growing nominally

The UK has had no real growth for two years but last week’s 2023 Q4 GDP data confirms a slight recession. Should the Bank of England respond?

/ 19th February 2024

DPMS Portfolio Commentary February 2024

2024 had a relatively rocket start with inflation coming in higher than expected across developed markets driving bond yields upwards and capital values down, the Purchasing Manager Index (PMI) surveys showing relatively weak results and geo-political instability in the Middle East unnerved investors. However, recent weeks have seen a reversal of this with some strong Q4 earnings results, improved consumer sentiment and optimism towards the first interest rate cuts since 2020.

/ 16th February 2024

Market Update: US stock market entering bubble territory?

With the S&P500 US stock index breaking through the 5,000 mark for the first time, we discuss parallels to the bubble from 25 years ago.

/ 12th February 2024

Are you aware of the changes to the State Pension?

The State Pension is set to increase commencing on 6 April 2024 due to a mechanism known as the ‘Triple Lock’. Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has announced an increase of 8.5%, which pensioners will welcome.

/ 7th February 2024

Market Update: Central banks challenge Goldilocks assumptions

The apparent acceptance of later rate cuts kept markets going during January, but may be put to the test in February as US regional banks creak, once again, under the increased cost of refinancing.

/ 5th February 2024

Market Update: Positive growth sentiment returns

January is beginning to shape up rather nicely, after both positive growth sentiment as well as surplus liquidity staged a welcome return

/ 29th January 2024

Succession Planning, A Family Affair

Transferring wealth within a family is a delicate process that requires clear communication and effective planning. Otherwise, it could lead to a potentially large tax bill and bad feeling in the family.

/ 23rd January 2024

Market Update: Data vs Davos

Was it the latest market data making early and substantial interest rate cuts unlikely, or the latest ‘news’ from leaders gathered in Davos, that caused bond yields to rise once again?

/ 22nd January 2024

Market Update: A bumpy upwards path ahead

After the recent rally valuations feel elevated, yet the biggest risk to them is not whether the economy will grow again, but rather how fast.

/ 15th January 2024

Making Better Investment Decisions

Investing is no longer a luxury reserved for the very wealthy; it's a financial necessity for everyone. Whether we're saving for retirement or our children's education, personal investing is crucial in securing our financial futures.

/ 11th January 2024

Market Update: After the party, the hangover?

Following the impressive Santa Rally markets started 2024 on a less euphoric note, is this simply a correction from overbuying, or a genuinely bad start?

/ 8th January 2024

Market Update: Central bank Elves boost 2023 Santa rally

The scrooges of last year’s Christmas, US central bankers, put markets in a warm festive mood this week by surprisingly declaring ‘peak rates’ - is the US getting ahead of Europe and the UK once again?

/ 18th December 2023