Month: April 2019

Safeguarding your wealth for future generations!

Unforeseen life events and circumstances can potentially impact your finances in a number of ways. We can help you to safeguard your wealth for future generations. But for many of us, there can be a remarkable gap between our intentions and our actions...

/ 19th April 2019

Brexit! What’s Next?

As we’ve been constantly hearing over the past few years in the media, Brexit uncertainty is affecting business and consumer confidence, whilst also contributing to a difficult political backdrop. But right now, the form of what this might look like is unclear, as are the related economic and regulatory implications for investments...

/ 6th April 2019

Market Review March 2019

As Q1 2019 came to a close, we can reflect on a quarter which saw equity markets rebound from the sell-off seen late last year. Most major regions delivered positive returns for the first three months of 2019 with the US in particular recapturing much of the decline experienced in the run-up to Christmas.

/ 5th April 2019

Team News: Lots going on for the New Financial Year!

The end of the tax-year is now one week away, so that only means one thing for anyone in the financial industry… carnage. But of course, here at Vizion we are most definitely keeping things calm and collected 😉 Exciting news on the investment side of things, Vizion Wealth now have a Discretionary license! Therefore, in the next coming months we will be rolling out our new discretionary management service so watch this space.

/ 2nd April 2019