Month: August 2021

Market Update: Fed tapering: the ‘how’ matters more than ‘when’

Questions over when and how the US Federal Reserve (Fed) would begin tapering its monthly securities purchases has been much talked about over the last few months. But ahead of Friday's keynote speech at the Jackson Hole symposium, questions have been shifting increasingly towards ‘how’ the Fed tapers, instead of ‘when’. On Friday we got an answer, of sorts.

/ 31st August 2021

Portfolio Diversification

By maintaining proper portfolio diversification and avoiding the pitfalls of market timing, you’ll have the foundation needed to help manage your overall exposure to market volatility. Historically, the stock market has been up more than down.

/ 26th August 2021

Market Update: Markets hit a bit of to and fro

Investors would be forgiven to think that this week’s downdraft in global stock markets was in reaction to the rapid unfolding of the tragic events in Kabul, Afghanistan. However, as long-time observers of risk asset markets will attest, unless human tragedies are likely to have a discernible impact on the global economy, stock markets do not show any empathy to present or foreseeable human suffering.

/ 23rd August 2021

Changing Tax Landscape

Tax planning should enable you to arrange your affairs in ways that postpone or legally avoid taxes. No one likes to pay tax on their hard-earned money, so by employing effective tax planning strategies you could have more money to save and invest or more money to spend. Or both. Your choice.

/ 16th August 2021

Market Update: Climbing the wall of worry – again

August continues to be what one would expect from the middle of the summer: quiet. Yet for investors, it is also pleasing that stock markets around the world are gradually nudging upwards, allowing them to remain relaxed wherever they have retreated to in these travel restricted times.

/ 15th August 2021

Market Update: Between policy support withdrawal and bounce-back upsurge

Three weeks since the long-awaited “Freedom Day”, Britons are enjoying a pleasant, if somewhat overcast and dull, summer. The surprise drop-off in virus cases seems to have levelled off, but while the fact that numbers are not increasing is an encouraging sign, it remains to be seen whether this will be sustained.

/ 6th August 2021

August Team News

The summer is in full swing with beautiful rays of sunshine (as well as unexpected streaks of heavy rain?!). The team at Vizion Wealth are making the most of our summer days and have had a fun-filled few months, as well as working hard in the office of course! The partners decided to treat the team to day out at Edgbaston Cricket Ground watching the England vs. Pakistan match – we were extremely lucky with the weather and England’s performance was spectacular...

/ 6th August 2021

Market Update: Summer lull as markets go through the motions

We wrote last week, that fortunes could be changing on the COVID front, with UK case numbers showing a decline from their (possibly temporary) peak. Since then, the 7-day average for daily cases has fallen for the first time since Britain started reopening. It is far too early to say whether this marks a sustained turn for the better, but it has certainly brought some much-needed optimism. The good mood has spread to markets too, with UK assets outperforming global peers and sterling gaining against other currencies.

/ 2nd August 2021