Month: April 2020

Millennial Money

Building wealth for the future is important, but increasingly people want their investments to do more than make money. Investing ethically means different things to different people. According to a new global survey[1], almost eight out of 10 millennials now prioritise socially responsible and impactful investing...

/ 27th April 2020

Market Update: Negative Oil Prices and the Wait for V or U Shaped Recoveries

Investors appear to have been focused on the post covid-19 opportunities, encouraged by the news that Asian nations are slowly getting back to work.  In addition, positive data has indicated that the European outbreak has passed its peak. In Europe Germany, Norway, Poland and the Czech Republic have relaxed their lockdowns measures this week.

/ 24th April 2020

April Team News

Firstly, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Tax Year! Although it may not be the start of the new year that we were all expecting to have, the staff at Vizion Wealth have smoothly adjusted to virtual working and have been keeping as busy as ever with closing off 2019/20 and preparing for the new tax year.

/ 22nd April 2020

Market Update: Plotting a Path for Recovery

This week may have been a short week for many but there was no shortage of data to digest as a number of positive news stories started to appear through the Covid-19 haze that has consumed markets in recent times. Whilst the number of deaths continues to rise, the rate of infection in Italy, Spain and Germany appear to be slowing giving hope that the peak may have been reached in areas that had previously been dubbed the epicentre of the virus within Europe. Whilst daily death toll reports from China have been met with wide spread scepticism, markets seem...

/ 17th April 2020

Preserving your Legacy

Are you worried about leaving an inheritance to your loved ones and then having them pay tax on your legacy? No one likes to think about a time when they won’t be here, but unfortunately the reality is that some people aren’t prepared financially...

/ 3rd April 2020

Stocks Market Suffer Worst Quarter Since 1987

With most countries still enforcing strict lock downs, there are some early signs of a reduction of new infections in Italy and other European countries. Governments have now started to distribute monies to support society and businesses and China has talked about additional stimulus to ensure economic stability...

/ 2nd April 2020